Hanbell performance grew steadily, and the impact of the COVID is gradually alleviated

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Hanbell performance grew steadily, and the impact of the COVID is gradually alleviated

In 2021, our company realized operating revenue of RMB 2.981 billion, a year-on-year increase of 31.21%. The main reasons for the increase of the company's operating income are as follows: in 2021, despite the impact of the global COVID-19, the company actively took measures to do a good job in epidemic prevention, seized market opportunities, did a solid job in production and operation, increased marketing efforts, actively developed new energy-saving and environmental protection products, deepened product application segments, and achieved good business performance.

Our business scope mainly focuses on the commercial central air conditioning industry, refrigeration industry, heat pump industry, air compressor industry, photovoltaic industry, semiconductor industry and other fields, with profound technical accumulation. In terms of the product application fields of the refrigeration division of Hanbell: in the industrial and commercial central air conditioning field, in 2021, thanks to the strengthening of national investment in industry, industrial projects surged; On the other hand, due to the continuous recurrence of the COVID-19, people's confidence in investment in the commercial field has weakened, and commercial projects have been shrinking. Throughout the year, the whole industrial of commercial central air conditioning field has shown a trend from high to low; In the field of refrigeration, the state has increased industrial standards and policies, e-commerce cold chain logistics investment and development, etc. to promote Hanbell to achieve more than 30% growth in the refrigeration market. With the continuous development of China's cold chain market, the company has great development potential in the refrigeration business in the future; in the field of high-temperature heat pump, our company is committed to the research and development of heat pump compressor technology. We have successfully developed and launched ultra-high temperature steam heat pump units, which can be used for different needs of different industries, comply with the dual carbon policy, reduce carbon emissions, and set up a model project of ultra-low temperature air source heat pump in the northwest cold and high altitude regions.

Since late March 2022, affected by the COVID-19 lockdown in and around Shanghai, our normal production and supply chain have been impacted to varying degrees. In order to try our best to meet the market demand, our company actively communicated and coordinated with the government after the outbreak of this round of epidemic. On April 15, we began to arrange front-line production and quality control colleagues to enter the factory one after another, implement closed-loop production in the factory, and encourage the colleagues in the factory to rush to work through internal salary incentives; The colleagues of administrative functional units work at home, continuously adjust the work plan in a rolling manner, ensure the smooth supply chain to the greatest extent, ensure the efficient matching of supply, production and logistics, try their best to reduce the delay of delivery, and ensure the quality of products at the same time.

Shanghai has ushered in a major phase of improvement in epidemic prevention and control. From June 1, Shanghai has entered the stage of fully restoring normal production and living order. Our company has also fully resumed work and production. After more than a month of hard work in the factory, most of the backlog orders during the epidemic period have been completed and delivered, and the delivery dates of various series of products are expected to return to normal in the middle and late June. Judging from the current market situation, the annual performance probability will still maintain stable growth. Here, thank you very much for your long-term recognition and support of Hanbell.


After years of development and accumulation, our company has already had its own strong technical strength in the field of screw, scroll, centrifugal and other compressors. With the technical innovation reaching the world leading level in the industry as the technical strategic goal, we have continuously strengthened R & D investment and technological innovation, and achieved the leading technology R & D advantage in the industry. At the same time, the company has established industry university research cooperation with colleges and universities to jointly discuss research technology topics and develop new technologies, which has further improved the technology reserve, R & D efficiency and advanced technology advantages for the company.


Since the "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" strategies have been promoted, more and more projects and manufacturing enterprises are consciously promoting themselves to move towards a more energy-saving direction. Under such a general trend, products with lower energy consumption, more environmental protection and healthier will be more selected by the public. Our company will continue to improve itself, adhere to the concept of innovation and excellence, continue to research and develop new models, update old models, and bring lower energy consumption, more environmental protection and healthier products to the market.